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LearnChair Radio is the podcast to listen to if you desire to improve your leadership skills or add depth to your company’s leadership development program. LearnChair Radio’s host, Bob Dragone, interviews leadership experts from around the world for insights on what it takes to be a great leader. The interviews are full of useful advice, successful methods and fascinating personal stories of leadership in action. Renowned experts explain their leadership strategy and how you can apply it to your skill set. Top leaders in their field relate how they navigated through failure and success to get to the top of their professions. The tone is casual and informative, often laced with humor and a personal touch. Topics to date cover:

Leadership in education: new methods and current technology

Style, Protocol and Etiquette that every leader should practice

Mastering Public Speaking

How to give a winning TED talk and how to set one up

Leadership in the Fields of Art, Music, Design, Restaurants, Sustainable Energy, Medical Services, Recruiting Services, Non-profits

What you can do to improve your leadership style – a host of top flight experts to choose from.

Looking for a particular topic or leadership expert? Let us know and we’ll set that podcast up!