LearnChair Radio Leadership Stories Part One

Over the course of two years, LearnChair Radio host Bob Dragone has heard some great leadership stories from his guests.  Some of them were funny tales about clients if they do leadership development for companies or some were about people who…Read More

Why Businesses Fail with Ram V. Iyer

Ram V. Iyer

LearnChair Radio Host Bob Dragone interviews the CEO of the Business Thinking Institute, Ram V. Iyer.  Ram was invited to the podcast because of his innovative approach as to why businesses fail.  As he notes, over 70 percent of businesses…Read More

Leading Researcher and Author Jason Jennings

Jason Jennings

LearnChair Radio host Bob Dragone interviews best selling author Jason Jennings on his work analyzing great businesses and great leaders. Jason discovered a number of years ago that his main goal is to find the world’s great leaders and great…Read More

Leadership in Texas Barbecue with Jeffrey Hobbs

Jeffrey Hobbs

LearnChair Radio host Bob Dragone interviews chef and Texas barbecue master Jeffrey Hobbs on an exploration of leadership in the culinary field.  Jeffrey is owner and operator of the Slow Bone restaurant in Dallas which is famous far and wide…Read More

Leadership in Art and Antiques with Miller Gaffney

Miller Gaffney

Are you interested in art and antiques?  Do you want to know what are the best collections you should visit and who has the best private collections?  What media is being avidly collected these days and who are the artists drawing the most…Read More