Managing the Brain with Joe Santana

Does your brain work for you or against you in making sound leadership decisions?  LearnChair Radio host Bob Dragone examines this issue with Joe Santana.  This is our second interview with Joe, who is a leading expert, teacher and consultant…Read More

Leadership in Metals Art with Calina Shevlin

Calina Shevlin

LearnChair Radio host Bob Dragone takes a look at leadership in the arts in this interview with up and coming metals artist Calina Shevlin.  Callie is an expert in the art of guilloche, a technique used to engrave the elaborate and delicate…Read More

Leadership and Sustainable Energy with Doug Faulkner

Doug Faulkner

LearnChair Radio host Bob Dragone interviews renewable energy expert Doug Faulkner on his views regarding the current state and future of sustainable energy programs and clean water initiatives.  Doug has 30 years experience as a senior federal government…Read More

The Spiritual Side of Leadership with Kerry Harmanis

Kerry Harmanis

Is there a spiritual aspect to leadership?  LearnChair Radio host Bob Dragone explores this interesting notion with Kerry Harmanis, one of Australia’s prominent mining developers and philanthropists.  Kerry relates his journey from lawyer to fishmonger to mining…Read More