Directive Communication Psychology with Arthur Carmazzi

Arthur Carmazzi

LearnChair Radio host Bob Dragone interviews one of the top ten leadership thought leaders, Arthur Carmazzi. Arthur explains how he got to this ranking by starting with his list of personal failures and how he learned from them. Rather than perpetuate the behaviors he found in companies he worked for that led to failure, Arthur began to study them. This became the basis for his leadership methodology he terms Directive Communication Psychology. As he began to practice his methods, others soon caught on and now Arthur finds himself serving an international clientele from his base in Bali, Indonesia. Arthur concentrates on cultures that perpetuate failure and how an individual can recognize these behaviors, change them and develop a personal leadership style. The individual is in control of his or her environment, and with Arthur’s assistance one can learn to be a leader as circumstances demand. Arthur also talks about his new book, Architects of Extraordinary Team Culture. a fun and interactive exploration of his leadership methodology. Rather than list characteristics of a good leader, Arthur emphasized the difference between competencies and skills and how an individual’s qualities can be developed to become a leader for any situation. This is a lively and informative interview, from one of the top masters in the leadership field.

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