Episode 10 – Positive Disruption in Education with Isaac Tolpin

Isaac Tolpin – Thought Leader, Innovator, Entrepreneur and a force for Positive Disruption in Education – talks about innovations in learning on LearnChair Radio.

Isaac is CEO and Co-Founder of ChooseGrowth, Inc.

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During this episode:

Listen as Isaac Tolpin discusses with Bob & Devie Dragone:

What thought leaders have to say about higher education today

Why, instead of you going to brick-and-mortar for education, education is coming to you

How the focus on technology has led to real needs in developing leadership skills

Positive disruption – learn about its importance in education

Why e-learning is dynamic & useful – its role in consumable education

Leaders are ALWAYS learning, and podcasts, e-learning courses, videocasts and webinars offer a plethora of opportunities

LearnChair Radio by AQQOLADE - BiWeekly Podcasts

LearnChair Radio by AQQOLADE – BiWeekly Podcasts