Episode 2 – Cyber Security with Hans Holmer

Hans Holmer

Bob and Jon welcome cyber security expert Hans Holmer to the show. Recent events involving Hollywood actors losing control of their personal data (compromising photos and whatnot) have brought the topic of data protection back to the forefront. Hans brings some interesting ideas to the table in terms of who should be held responsible for security breaches, and what can be done to avoid such mishaps in the future. We hope you enjoy the content as much as we did producing it.


During this episode



Another Data Breach – this time it’s Hollywood starlets

How birth control is like information security

How did private photos of Jennifer Lawrence and others get hacked?

Cyber security is a process problem

Was Apple’s response time sufficient?

Assessing the Home Depot breach

What about an independent watchdog?

Who should be held accountable for cyber security breaches?

Protect the data – not the network.

What can companies do to protect the data?

What can celebrities (and the rest of us) do to protect personal photos?

CEOs, CFOs and Dr’s have our data. Are they taking necessary precautions?


What’s the deal with net neutrality

Is government action needed, or should the marketplace decide?

Is Chattanooga a model for the country with their local utility EPB delivering Internet service?

The current state of broadband in the USA is a big concern.

Thoughts on the Comcast – Time Warner merger.


What Can Employees Do To Ensure Their Company’s Data Is Safe

Red flags and other things to look for

Get those photos off your phone

Digital packrats

Patch, Catch & Match


More about Hans Holmer

Hans is a Senior Cyber Strategist with over 25 years of government, human intelligence and private industry experience. Read and see more on this talented speaker-expert on his bio page.