Episode 3 – Connecting Cultures with Christian Hoeferle

Bob and Jon welcome Christian Hoeferle to the podcast. Christian has a unique background which gives him insight and experience in working with companies (both foreign and domestic) and the cultural challenges they face. Whether you’re working out in the gym, kicking back with your favorite beverage or driving to/from the office we hope you enjoy this episode.

During this episode

What’s a culture connector?

Times Free Press article citing Chattanooga with high number of workers employed by foreign companies

Shocking stat: There are more students in China learning English than people in the USA

What’s the deal with stereotypes? What’s wrong with British chefs, French mechanics, Swiss lovers, Italian time keepers and German police?

What are some of the top symptoms of cultural problems within companies?

What can leaders do after acknowledging a cultural problem within the company?

Cultural adaptation is an ongoing process.

Review of key indicators that your company’s cultural awareness program is working.

Can organizations handle cultural awareness internally?


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