Episode 4 – How To Deliver A TED Talk with Jeremey Donovan

Jeremy Donovan

In anticipation of TEDx UTC coming to Chattanooga October 25, Bob and Jon invited special guest Jeremey Donovan on the podcast. Jeremey is the author of “How To Deliver A TED Talk”. Since Bob is helping coach the speakers for the upcoming TEDx event he was especially pleased to speak with Jeremey. Their conversation is both enlightening and entertaining. Now sit back (or keep moving) and enjoy the program.


During this episode


How could someone who hadn’t given a TED talk even think about writing a book on how to deliver a TED talk?

How do I know if my (TED) idea is worth spreading?

TED formula: To (what), so (why)

How much time should someone invest when preparing for a TED talk? The answer may surprise you.

How Daniel Pink prepares for a TED talk.

Toastmasters: AA for TED talks

Should you memorize your TED talk or wing it up there? Try the Bill Clinton approach instead.


3 Styles of giving TED talks:

1) story-driven (examples – Becky Blanton – The Year I was Homeless  and Jill Bolte Taylor – Stroke of Insight )

2) logic chain approach (example – Simon Sinek – Start With Why
3) logic group (intro, 3 points, conclusion)

The Pixar Pitch

Act 1 Once upon a time in every day….until one day (inciting incident)

Act 2 Because of that and that and that (rising action). Until finally…

Act 3 And after that…and the moral of the story is _________.

How the Becky Blanton TED follows the Pixar Pitch.

Malcolm Gladwell’s Spaghetti Speech is a great example of a conversational talk

Telling other people’s stories – beware

The catchphrase is the key takeaway from your TED talk

Startup with the Why


How To Pitch Your Startup To Investors

Humor is a requirement for your TED talk. Jeremey and Bob explore the three ways of how to do it.

Augmenting your TED talk. Slides? Video? Props? Tips on what to use and how to use it.

What are the biggest mistakes TED speakers make? Jeremey gives his top three.

Why training for an IRONMAN triathlon is how you should approach getting ready for a TED talk.