Leadership in Texas Barbecue with Jeffrey Hobbs

Jeffrey Hobbs

LearnChair Radio host Bob Dragone interviews chef and Texas barbecue master Jeffrey Hobbs on an exploration of leadership in the culinary field.  Jeffrey is owner and operator of the Slow Bone restaurant in Dallas which is famous far and wide for its succulent smoked meats and excellent service.  Jeffrey’s approach to the restaurant business goes beyond just serving good food, but centers on hospitality in all its aspects.  Jeffrey describes his beginnings in the food industry and how he got involved in the hotly contested Texas barbecue arena.  For those of you interested in what makes good brisket, sausage and ribs, Jeffrey’s approach to smoking these delicacies will add to your barbecue knowledge.  The conversation goes beyond this, however, and really centers on Jeffrey’s leadership principles and how a good owner serves both his patrons and his staff.  The interview reveals a man who is just as much concerned with doing his business right as he does for serving good food.  Please listen to the interview if you want to learn more about Texas barbecue but let Jeffrey add to your knowledge of what good leadership is all about.

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