Leadership Matters – Episode 1

Terry Brock

Bob and Jon set the tone for the Leadership Matters podcast as a discussion on the skills needed for effective leadership and communication. Who better to have as our first guest than social media / mobile technology specialist Terry Brock? We asked Terry to share his thoughts on social media for leaders, the tools they should use and how to get started.

On this episode…


What’s big idea here?

How communication impacts leadership

How the Japanese strive for excellence

How Skype uses social media

How Southwest Airlines uses social media to provide customer service

How Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly should use social media

The “la-la-la-la-la-la I don’t want to know about social media” approach

Chris Brogan says “grow bigger ears”

How Chris Brogan goes all analog in person

What are the best tools to listen on social media?

Social media tools leaders can use right now

Doing nothing is worse than doing something wrong in the social space

More about Terry Brock

Terry is a syndicated columnist, author and Certified Speaking Professional. A major social media expert, Terry was inducted into the Speaker Hall of Fame (a designation awarded to less than 1% of speakers in the world). He leverages his background in journalism and education in live presentations all over the world.