Leading Researcher and Author Jason Jennings

Jason Jennings

LearnChair Radio host Bob Dragone interviews best selling author Jason Jennings on his work analyzing great businesses and great leaders. Jason discovered a number of years ago that his main goal is to find the world’s great leaders and great companies. As a result, he is a world renowned author of eight books on business and leadership based on his research of 220,000 companies.  Jason publishes a book at two year intervals.  He interviews 800-1000 executives each year as research for his books.  What is not fully explored in one book often becomes the main topic of his next one. Currently, his research centers on explorations of culture and inclusiveness.  He explains why these are important and what he has discovered so far.  For example, he notes that the more a company looks like its customers the better its financial performance.  Jason states that his biggest discovery is that great leaders do not recognize themselves as such.  Great leaders, rather, are good, solid stewards.  Do we currently have a crisis of leadership in America today?  Jason feels that we have many great leaders but they go unnoticed.  They do not bring attention to themselves and do not confuse leadership with notoriety.  His prime example is given in an insightful comparison of Uber versus Lyft.  Finally, Jason gives 6 characteristics of good leadership – a good moral compass, authenticity, good stewardship, purpose, a set of guiding principles and a balance of IQ and EQ.  Jason’s comments on leadership are based on sound research and vast experience. 

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