Patterns of Leadership with Sylvia Lafair

Sylvia Lafair

LearnChair Radio host Bob Dragone interviews one of the world’s top leadership development experts, Sylvia Lafair, in this podcast. Sylvia explains how a childhood tragedy led her to become a psychologist and how her work with family structures evolved into her leadership development methods.  Sylvia realized that bosses are like parents, co-workers like siblings, and wages like allowances.  Her program is called Total Leadership Connections.  Her insight was to recognize that people develop patterns that may cause them problems in a work environment.  Her program is a deep dive into patterns as leaders.  Her methodology includes what she terms OUT – observing patterns, understanding where they come from and transforming them into new patterns for leadership success.  She also uses what she calls a SANKOSA map, a term that means clearing the past to free the future.  HR.COM has judged Sylvia’s program to be one of the best for seven years running.  Sylvia is the author of Don’t Bring It To Work, a book available on that summarizes her approach and methods.  Sylvia is also the author of GUTSY – How Women Leaders Make Change, where she urges women to stand up for themselves.  Integrity is the one characteristic Sylvia believes every leaders should have because it integrates all aspects of a situation.  You will enjoy listening to one of the world’s best leadership experts tell her story.

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